The Flipped Classroom


The flipped classroom is not a new idea in all schools of higher education. However, the idea of the flipped classroom is receiving much more attention as it is now being considered as an active learning strategy to facilitate student engagement and student centered learning. While requiring the initial investments of time and organization on the part of the instructor, the flipped classroom promises many opportunities to the instructor and the students.

  1. Pre-taped lectures- Pre-taped lectures and media allow the instructor to refine and condense the content for the intended topic. Students are able to pause, replay and ponder the lecture and content prior to class.
  2. Low cost- Technology needed for a flipped classroom requires very little budget. Recorded video can be uploaded by the instructor onto a site such as YouTube for student viewing.  Student access to computers and internet sites are readily found within the colleges and many public venues.
  3. More efficient use of class time- Instructors can utilize class time to apply, explore and create understanding of the content rather than using the time for passive student learning. Active learning exercises such as problem based learning, group activities and team projects can be used to generate additional knowledge and understanding.
  4. Higher-level learning- Instructors are able to utilize class time to tackle the concepts that the students typically struggle with rather than having to deliver basic core information, while being able to identify and assist struggling students during the class.
  5. Individualized instruction- During active learning in the classroom, instructors are present to remediate students who possess inaccurate information leading to incorrect application or understanding of topic knowledge.

While the flipped classroom affords many opportunities to both the instructor and student, preparing a flipped learning environment should be considered an investment resulting in students contributing to their learning through active engagement with peers and their instructor.




2 thoughts on “The Flipped Classroom

  1. Very well thought out post! I can see many very big benefits to utilizing the flipped classroom in a class that lends itself to this approach. Unfortunately in the welding courses I don’t find enough of an opportunity to use this method, and without consistency in our approaches I would think that their effectiveness would be compromised. If you choose to use this method I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully it will work well.


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